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Our Objective is to make your Team feel supported by us as colleagues not just suppliers.

We offer the following services around our product:
  • Support
    As part of your support our own staff check your backups and key business parameters daily, to ensure your system keeps working well.

  • Upgrade
    All system upgrades are provided by us and implemented out of business hours to minimise disruption to you.

  • Consultancy
    We provide consultancy and advice on the alternatives available on how best to use the system to achieve the desired goal. Few people have the time to sit and plough through manuals and documentation.

  • Training and Implementation
    Training and Implementation is rarely classroom based, most is “on the job” as few organisations can spare the time to release staff for this purpose. We try our best to work around you.

  • Programming
    Sometimes a new business opportunity needs the system to be enhanced. Our Programming service can provide these enhancements in a timely and cost-effective manner. Because we developed the software, we guarantee that any enhancement will be applied as part of our standard system.
    We guarantee that you will not be left with bespoke programming work which leaves you trapped and unable to upgrade the system.

  • System Rental
    System Rental means not tying up your capital in expensive Software and Servers - Software as a Service (SaaS).


  • Magic
  • Microsoft
  • Debian
  • Web Browser

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