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Routine End-of-Day Feature

Browser/Printer/PDF Output Options

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For maximum productivity we don't tie-up your screen whilst the system generates the report you just asked for.

Whilst the workflow is a breakthrough mechanism in helping people to do their jobs effectively, there is no substitute for reporting when it comes to reviewing what has happened, and charting the way forward.

  • Background reporting engines free your screen immediately

  • All report images can be viewed within the browser before printing if required

  • Support for laser and dot matrix printers

  • All reports can be output as PDF

  • No report image is lost

Almost every report can be run immediately or on the End of Day which is a key part of the System Manager Module. End of Day allows once only, nightly, weekly,monthly, quarterly and yearly running. Thus, routine reporting can be set-up once and there is then no need to bother setting it again. It just happens automatically from that point and at a time when the system might otherwise be idle. Brilliant!

Run Priority graphic

Should a report run to hundreds of pages, it may be viewed on screen before creating hard copy. This again is due to that amazing tool, the Web Browser. By showing the entire report within the browser it is possible to search the report for the information required. often this means that there is no need to actually print it at all.

However, there will be some reports which do need to be run in hard copy from the outset, so every report provides the facility to specify the report destination.

Output destination graphic

No report image is ever lost. You can refer back to the "Stock Valuation Report" as it stood on 23rd June last year - with just a couple of clicks.