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Purchase Order Processing



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Often overlooked as a routine and mundane activity, good purchasing procedures form the cornerstone of profitability.

Purchase Order Processing (POP) means generating a purchase order for goods or services, where the value of the purchase should be known in advance. This may be purchase of items for resale or the purchase of services, such as major project work.

The use of purchase orders has the following benefits for a business:
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  • Holds the price you expect to pay
  • Gives an indication of expected delivery date
  • Makes future stock levels visible to sales staff
  • Mechanism by which stock may be costed
  • Traceability of individual stock batches
  • The cornerstone of accurate gross margin measurement
  • Fraud Prevention within the finance department
  • Automatic Accrual for supplier invoices expected
  • Easy mechanism to make postings to the Purchase Ledger

Features of the Advensys Purchase Order Processing system:

  • Maintenance of planned stock levels

  • Fulfilment of specific customer orders for both direct delivery and back-to-back orders, raised from Sales Order Processing and Point of Sale

  • Linked to stock control for accurate information

  • Powerful Requisitioning system allowing buyers to view all items even if they will be sourced from different suppliers

  • Buyer purchasing limits

  • Specific Purchasing Workflow with single click links to view purchase orders of the last 7 days, current requisitions and forecast data

  • Open purchase orders can be locked into the workflow to enable buyers to see which suppliers to chase

There is also a full suite of reports to show open orders, goods received, low stock levels, low/high ordering information and much more...