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Prospect and Marketing

Trackable Campaigns

Broadcast Groups

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Whether you are trying to open a new area of business, find additional opportunities for what you do now or ensure you keep the customers you already have, you will find our system helps you.

We all know that it is usually more profitable to keep existing customers than to be constantly having to replace them with new ones. This is why existing customers should also appear in the prospecting system.

Key Features:

  • Prospects can be Businesses or Private Individuals

  • Existing Customers
    Existing customer accounts have a single click icon to enable you to see all the marketing activity that has taken place (for example sales visits), sales or marketing actions, profile etc. You can also return to the customer account with a single click of an icon.

  • Own Prospects versus Someone Else’s Prospects
    These can be identified and either included or avoided when selecting prospects for a marketing campaign.

  • Marketing Campaign Management
    Campaigns can be defined with stages. A workflow is available to follow-up on the prospects within the campaign and move them on through the stages etc.

  • Broadcast Groups
    These are defined groups to whom you may wish to broadcast by Letter, Email etc. Entire broadcast groups can be brought into a marketing campaign.

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