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Web Sales Integration

Connectors configured

Import of Orders and Payments

Time Saved


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Do you have a successful retail web site and web sales presence. We can help you capture your web orders and web payments, which means you spend your time developing the site and not on re-keying orders!

You may have developed a great looking website using one of the many tools available today. Many of these tools come complete with a hosting platform and provide simple mechanisms by which captured orders can be exported as CSV files *. We can import these orders into our system.

If we don’t already have a connector for the web site tool you use, we can soon create a configuration for this purpose.

You may also handle the payments for goods bought from your site using something like SagePay. In short, we can import these too. The net result is that your staff save many hours of laborious effort.

In addition to your own web site, your company might also be a power seller on EBay or have a major presence on Amazon. We have specific connectors for these.

As all situations differ, we need to help with configuration of that integration.

* CSV means “Comma Separated Value”. Each record appears as one line in the file, where the values are separated by commas.