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A system without its own, integrated financial modules is not a proper system. The ledgers will have been provided by a third party and that means that there will be an interface, which can go wrong, or updates which need to be performed before an accurate financial picture can be delivered.

We created the financial modules in the Advensys system, the General (Nominal) Ledger, Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger.

Lots of systems say they integrate to an accounting system provided by a third party.
plain cake image That's a bit like someone buying a plain sponge cake, decorating it and claiming that they are the craftsman baker. plain cake image Suppose you bite on something unexpected in the cake and break a tooth Who do you hold responsible, the provider of the sponge or the person who decorated it? Not easy!

That may seem a bit far-fetched but illustrates the point. We think you should be able to rely on the veracity of every number that your system provides. We pride ourselves on delivering a system which does just that. This is why we provide the ledgers, so there is no interface to go wrong in the myriad points of integration between the financial and other modules.

Sales Ledger

When looking at a customer account, for example, the operator should be able to see the whole picture of that account including its debtor status. The same should be true for supplier accounts, provided that the operator is authorised to view this information. There should not be any delay until an update takes place, as this could compromise credit control.

Purchase Ledger

We did a study some years back on the effect of integrating the purchase ledger with stock control (as opposed to merely booking supplier invoices to the ledger). When comparing before and after figures, Margin accuracy increased by 1.2% and subsequently the overall business profitability increased by the same amount.

General Ledger

This is where everything comes together. We pride ourselves on the fact that all the numbers will track and management can have confidence that the financial position shown is the true position.